Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Your chance to attend IFLA in Singapore

Image Credit : Pixabay (reuse licensed under CC0)
Last week I was fortunate in attending the IFLA / CILIP international seminar on eBooks in Libraries
. The day provided a unique window on what is most definitely is a global issue, with relevance to colleagues in all sectors. Previously I have also had an amazing day with representatives from the IFLA Government Libraries section when they held a conference in Cardiff.

 OK, so where am I driving with this?

One might imagine that IFLA is only for those in very senior positions within the profession, and that IFLA events won't be relevant to YOU. This couldn't be further from the truth. So, if you have an interest in gaining international perspectives on the library world, attending the Singapore Congress in August might just be for you. Especially as CILIP are sponsoring a first-time attender!
As advertised via the CILIP web site and in the February edition of Update, this is a final reminder to apply for CILIP’s IFLA First-Timer Award to attend the IFLA World Library & Information Congress in  Singapore (17-23 August 2013). CILIP will be funding one lucky person to attend the conference covering all their major expenses – travel, accommodation and registration. Any person interested in applying must be a CILIP member and this must be their first time at an annual IFLA World library and Information Congresses  (although IFLA World Library and Information Congresses that have taken place in the UK are not counted for this purpose). If you are interested please apply by 11 March 2013 using the application form that can be found at:

Like my Kathleen Cooks Funding posting, I'll close by urging you to consider applying. What have you got to lose?

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