Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bags of fun!

We've been very proud of our CILIP Cymru Wales conference bags in the past. They have been robust, fit for purpose, and generally been carried with pride. With a limited budget we've generally fulfilled the brief ... job done. Well, that's what we thought....

More recently we've noticed a strong creative undercurrent with our bags. Some incredibly talented members, in responding to, or perhaps even adding to, the zeitgeist for handicrafts, have been adapting and embellishing their bags.

Not one to miss a trick, we would love to encourage this creativity.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embellish a CILIP Cymru Wales conference bag. Your embellishment can be in any method that you wish, but should be permanent (i.e. washable). I have a small stock of last year's bags, and so I can send a bag to you if you would like to have a go.

Email a photograph or two of your conference bag creativity project result to by Friday 24th May 2013, and include a paragraph of text about your inspiration and the methods used. Don't forget to include your name, but unlike Blue Peter, we won't need your age, unless you really want to tell us.

We are grateful to Sarah Barker for providing us with the inspiration.  We hope that it fires you up for the challenge too.


"I got the inspiration for the bag after seeing Mandy's button bag at conference last year.  I loved it so much I thought I'd embellish my Conference bag when I got home.  I collect buttons so had a fair few I knew I could use.  I also decided to strengthen the bag by sewing two together, this I did by hand as it gave a nicer, handmade finish. I sewed this together when I'd sewn on all the buttons so it hides all the threads. The design came about by the large green square buttons which looked like plant pots to me, so I decided to have two plants (trees) growing out of the pots up the back.  I deliberately chose predominantly green and red buttons to represent the colours of the Welsh flag.  The green tree has some cream buttons scattered about to represent blossom.  And because they are my favourite, a ladybird sits on the C of the CILIP.  It attracts comments from all who see it, including my Welsh class today."

 There will be a small prize for the winner, as well as the kudos of being included in this blog!! The judge's decision will be final, in fact, by then, it will all be in the bag.

Conference 2013 - Rising to the challenge: developing library and information services through partnership and collaboration. Radisson Blu Hotel, Cardiff. 16-17th May 2013.

And if thought of creative projects aren't for you then just a reminder that we are now in the final countdown for Conference 2013. If you tweet please checkout #cilipw13 and follow the build-up for the 16 and 17th May. It's not too late to register! Full details including how to book are given here.

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